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We can beat anyone’s pricing on carpet; anyone! We really, truly, are a factory direct carpeting company. We have exclusive rights to make some of our carpet lines. No one can beat our pricing on carpet since we have a secret deal with two of the carpet mills in Georgia USA.

Texas Best Flooring Company has exclusive intellectual property rights to some carpet marketing technology that the carpet mills want and thus they give us the best pricing in order to use this technology. We can special order/make carpet for your all your carpeting needs or provide you, the standard in stock carpet types. Our standard carpets we offer are residential friezes, plush, loop pile, Saxony carpet, textured carpets, cut al loop pile, knotted pile carpet, Berber carpet, and remnants. We also offer commercial carpeting and commercial carpet squares. Our carpet installation prices start at .40 cents a square foot and these includes moving the furniture putting it back, tearing out the old carpet, new tack string and superior seaming tape. No one can beat our carpet installation or carpet pricing! Shop our website for the carpet that best suits your needs call us today for a free sample and in-home estimate.



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