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We are very excited to announce our new Floor cleaning supplies addition to our website. Texas Best Flooring Company offers only the best professional cleaning products that are floor type; specific. We take all the guess work out of which floor cleaning products you should or should not use. Our recommend floor cleaning products have been divided up according to the type of floor you have. Solid wood floor cleaners are totally different than an engineered wood floor cleaner. Laminate flooring requires a special mop and cleaner as well. Some carpets have different met and solutions in which to properly care for them. The bottom line is every type of floor you have has a specific cleaner made for it. Don’t ruin your floors; use floor cleaning products that fit the flooring you have. If you have a specific floor cleaning question feel free to call us before you we are always happy to help our customers make the most informed decisions in order to protect their flooring investment.

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