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Texas Best Flooring Company offers wood and laminate floor Moldings & Trim that are an exact match to the engineered and solid wood flooring products we sell on this site and offer through our in-home shopping; flooring network. When a person has a new floor installed in their home it is important that the molding be of the same color and species of that new floor.
We at Texas Best Flooring Company see time and time again other flooring companies’ stiff home owners by putting in cheap oak t-molds or reducers instead of the more expensive hickory, walnut, or maple t-molds. We only install and make sure that our customers have factory finish moldings that match the floor they purchase. Stained moldings on site do not have the same number of coats of polyurethane as engineered wood floors do so in time the moldings colors will fade and wear unevenly. This process usually takes three years long after other flooring companies’ installation warranties have expired. Demand factory finished moldings if you are going to buy an engineered wood floor.
Texas Best Flooring Company also offers real wood trim to our customers who want to install new trim in the home they live in as opposed to the cheap MDF base boards. You can choose any style, wood species, and baseboard size you want by selecting manufacturer direct moldings, generic unfinished moldings and trim.

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