Bad: Texas Flooring Installer Reviews: By Individual

Bad: Texas Flooring Installer Reviews: By Individual. We Recommend You Not Hire These Installers. This is our “Black List”; of installers we will never hire!

This page is to protect people and other flooring companies who just buy material from Texas Best Flooring Company and contract out their labor from installers they find on their own.  In California and other states that have unionized labor everything is documented and if a worker screws up it will go in that workers file; forever.  This is a way to make sure a contractor who needs workers doesn’t get bad people. It forces workers to do right and do a good job. In Texas there is no system of checks and balances and so a worker can screw dozens of people and flooring companies over before anyone knows about it. We strongly recommend you choose only flooring installers from our Best Flooring Network over installers you find own your own.

Well I am going to change this…..

I David Hill, the owner of Texas Best Flooring Company, am writing these reviews myself based on personal interactions or failed background checks when new installers applied for work.  Individual experiences may vary. None of this is hear say it is all my first person account. All opinions/experiences herein are strictly my own and I leave the final option up to each customer as to whether or not hire these rouge independent installers.  In fact sometimes for every bad review I keep a file of police reports or whatever that I will gladly give to anyone who needs it to help them with their case against these bad installers or scam artists. I will try to upload this information in most cases on each bad installers review page as it is already in most cases public information or I will give you the phone number of the last flooring company they screwed over.   

In some cases these installers have applied for work and after a back ground check and checking references some have one, some, or all of the following characteristics: They have a bad reputation of not telling the truth, cheating customers of left over material or switching out good material from a flooring company and installing inferior products then selling the good material elsewhere, outright stealing, has a criminal arrest record, flakes and no shows, break all your furniture, is dirty, and or has no idea how to install flooring in my opinion; just shoddy workmanship.

I will also list installers that may be the nicest people in the world and be an honest person but they straight out do not know how to install flooring and need training badly in my opinion.  Reviews will reflect any negative characteristics I believe to be true. 

Flooring Installer Reviews are broken down into flooring sub trades: Some installers do more than one sub trade and may be listed more than once. They will be listed in each category they are known to do.

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