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Texas Best Flooring Company offers some of the most luxurious porcelain tile & stone products anywhere. We work exclusively with natural stone importers and large tile manufactures like Dal-Tile, Eleganza Tiles, Emser, Stone Solutions, American Tile, Arizona Tile, Marazzi Tile, and many others. Most of the porcelain tile we offer is rectified porcelain tile which allows home owners to have a 1/8th grout line. Our entire tile product line is of first quality as opposed to other companies who will buy factory seconds in which the tile is bowed on the edges. Factory seconds result in extreme tile lippage. Our tile if laid properly on a level floor results in such an even look that we sometimes will throw a credit card across the floor just to prove how even all the tiles are at the end of a flooring tile installation. So feel free to browse among our hundreds of different shower tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, decorative tile inserts, art tiles, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, hand painted tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, backsplash tiles, stone tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, and more! We offer turnkey tile installation services and unlimited free tile samples so call and shop our site today.

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