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Company Biography

We are a national company, founded in 2010, that is dedicated to serving all of Texas and the 50 Continental United States with all its flooring needs. We pride ourselves as being the most professional, cost effective, efficient, technologically advanced, and knowledgeable firm in the industry. We will ship material worldwide.

We always strive to provide unparalleled and comprehensive customer service, an excellent product with exceptional value, and unprecedented and professionally skilled installation. We are here to build relationships that last into the next generation. Texas is one of the last places where a hand shake and a promise mean something and we aim to keep it that way. Most of our representatives have served time in the military and or construction industry on top of their flooring experience. With Texas Best Flooring Company one gets the (Snap! & Pop!) of people who are used to giving 110% and pride themselves on a job well done.

We believe that duty and loyalty to our customers come before anything else. We work with homeowners, builders, realtors, designers, investors, property managers, and anyone else who could benefit from a new floor or flooring materials. We will field any and all flooring questions as we are Americas flooring source for all flooring information as well.

Company Story

I started my flooring company because I saw a need for honesty and integrity within a market that was overwhelmed with flooring companies who were forgetting who they were in business for: the customer, the good people of Texas, and the American people in general. It seems that there is too much. I've been selling floors for 30 years and I know everything attitude. In this industry; which puts the customer in the back seat. Everyone at Texas Best Flooring Company is assigned newly published books and is given a choice to attend college paid for by the company. We invest in our associates and want each and every one of them to be current on information and business concepts in order to better serve our customers with the latest and greatest.

"People who know a lot realize they know nothing." David Hill President/Owner

"Flooring Installers who claim they can do everything, other fields besides flooring, are handymen not professional installers." We don't hire or contract handymen. David Hill President/Owner

Company Business Model

We pride ourselves on being the lowest priced flooring company in the United States. We are able to work on 7% profit margins as we have virtually no overhead. We try to automate and stick to the internet as much as possible in order to reduce all costs and pass extraordinary savings onto our customers. I spent over 7 years learning business models, economic price theory, management, and other scholarly fields at four different universities. Every cost and resource needed to bring you the customer your floor at the lowest price in plugged into formulas that have specific outcomes. Running a business is not an exact science as a result of the human factor but cutting costs and pricing products are.


I, David Hill, the CEO and owner, have been building multimillion dollar schools through the public works system for 10 years as a project manager and company executive. I have extreme technical and business knowledge in the construction industry. I went to school and hold a Master's Degree in Public Administration, BA Political Science, with a background of 2 years in Economics, and 2 years of Biology and the Sciences. I have obtained and mastered leadership skills from both the US Marine Corps and the US Army. I have severed a total of 14 years in combined service all infantry work and have lead men under fire. I am a 30% disabled, combat related veteran; from my time in the Marines.

I will do anything to make things right and do whatever it takes to fulfill a contract with a customer. I truly believe a man is nothing if he can't keep his word or complete what he says he will do.

Company Ethics Model

Texas Best Flooring Company, its employees, contracted workers, leadership, and I, the president, live by the 14 leadership traits as I had learned them in the US Marines as a member of an Anti-Terrorist Team. Justice, Judgment, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Endurance.

Christian Company For Good

Also, I personally make every decision so that it is right with God and Jesus Christ. Our tide money goes to help the poor, destitute, and desperate wherever they are.

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