Shipping Method

Shipping Methods

Shipping rates change daily due to many factors.  However, once you purchase a product and we lock in a rate it is good for (1) one week.  If you want to buy something from us and choose to have it delivered at a time later than (1) one week then we will have to get a new shipping price when you are ready to have the item shipped to you.  The price of the material is not changed due to time.  We ship nationwide and international.  International orders must be paid upfront in full through Western Union due to worldwide credit card fraud.  If our website is not quoting a shipping price then please call us and we will manually get one for you.  All orders that are cannot be picked up by the customer and needs to be delivered will have a shipping charge.  So if the website fails to add a shipping charge and you need it shipped we will call you with the additional amount needed before we can sell you the material. We can deliver up to 100 miles from Dallas Texas for a flat rate of $125.00 per trip (We can only fit so much on one truck.) All other shipping we conduct must be done through another independent shipping company.  If you want to pick up the material with your own shipper just call us and we can arrange that as well.    

Thank You,


David Hill

Owner/ President